Ex-Yankee Chuck Knoblauch accused of assaulting ex-wife in Houston suburb

He was charged with misdemeanor assault.

Former Yankee Chuck Knoblauch has been charged with misdemeanor assault in Houston for allegedly hitting his ex-wife.

Knoblauch, 46, is accused of smashing Cheri Knoblauch’s head against a wall and striking her with a humidifer that he threw at her, according to the police department of Memorial Villages, a Houston suburb.

Cheri Knoblauch told police she had been asleep in her child’s bedroom when the former second baseman came in andstarted yelling at her for not sleeping in the same bed as him.

Cheri Knoblauch left the home with her sister-in-law. When police arrived at the sister-in-law’s house, they found a bruise on Knoblauch’s arm, a scratch on her face and a knot on her forehead.

When he was arrested, Chuck Knoblauch appeared to be drunk, police said. Knoblauch was convicted of hitting his previous wife in 2010, according to the Associated Press.

Knoblauch had been scheduled to be inducted into the Minnesota Twins’ Hall of Fame in a ceremony on Aug. 23, which has since been cancelled. In a statement, the Twins said the cancellation was due to “recent news reports surrounding Chuck Knoblauch.”

Knoblauch, who won three championships while playing for the Yankees from 1998 to 2001, has been released on $10,000 bound, according to the Associated Press. He is scheduled to be in court on July 30.

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