State to grant $6.2 million to historic sites for Sandy repairs

Fraunces Tavern, Green-Wood Cemetery and more will get repairs from Superstorm Sandy.

Several historic sites in the city affected by Superstorm Sandy, including the Fraunces Tavern and Green-Wood Cemetery, will get federal funding to repair work and bolster the sites from future storms, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday.

The National Park Service will award $6.2 million to 16 locations throughout the state, nine of which are in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island. Cuomo said the funding was given to “properties that are on or eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places” and located in the 13 FEMA designated counties.

“In the end, they will better withstand the threat of future storms and continue to serve as economic and educational assets in their communities,” he said in a statement.

Here are the New York City landmarks that will get money.

– Fraunces Tavern Museum, 54 Pearl St, $587,550 for electrical system upgrades

– St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 2067 5th Ave, $41,580, for stained glass window repair

– Windsor Towers, 5 Tudor Place, $55,640 for landscape restoration

– The Evergreens Cemetery, Brooklyn, two grants totaling $1.3 million for landscape restoration

– Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, $565,475 for landscape and monument restoration

– Lehigh Valley Barge No. 79, Red Hook, $269,274 for various restoration projects

– Lookout Hill, Prospect Park, $488,228 for various restoration projects

– Basketmaker’s House, Richmond, $88,500 for restoration projects

– Casa Belvedere, $783,809 for repairs

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