Time is running out and you need a go-to gift. In this day and age, almost everyone from your grandma to your nephew will appreciate a tech item. Here are some of our favorites:

CoolTec shaving system

Braun's electric shaver uses an innovative aluminum cooling bar that cools skin during shaving to minimize skin irritation. It is 100% waterproof so it can be used in the shower, too. An adaptable three-stage cutting system tackles facial contours with ease, and SensoBlade technology captures hairs growing in different directions. An alcohol-based clean-and-charge station keeps the shaver hygienic and ready to use. $200; at The Art of Shaving, 10 Columbus Circle, suite 209, 212-823-9410


touchscreen deadbolt

If you know someone who has a hard time keeping track of his or her house keys, check out this keyless deadbolt by Schlage. The screen is fingerprint-resistant, meaning intruders aren't able to detect the numbers repeatedly entered. For further security, an anti-pick shield protects against lock tampering and a built-in alarm senses door movement and alerts homeowners. $199; at The Home Depot, homedepot.comDigital video recording sunglasses

Sports enthusiasts and gadget lovers alike will appreciate Pivothead's Aurora Shale sunglasses. These sleek, stylish shades have a glossy black finish and gray lens that is UV protected, antiscratch and hydrophobic coated. But the real draw is the hi-tech video recording technology tucked away in the bridge of each pair. The glasses are both PC and Mac compatible. Their 8GBs of memory hold approximately 60 minutes of HD video. $299; at Willoughby's, 298 Fifth Ave., 212-564-1600ENVY17 Leap Motion Special Edition

HP puts a futuristic twist on computers with this Leap Motion laptop. Users just wave their hands to navigate controls. Their natural, in-air hand movements create a fun, interactive 3D space. Features include Microsoft Windows 8.1, a 17.3-inch full HD display and a backlit keyboard. Optional graphics and 4GB of video memory make gaming more realistic than ever. Beats Audio, quad speakers and a subwoofer provide rich-sounding audio. $1,049.99; at HP, hp.comPassport smartwatch

This traditional-looking timepiece may be just what your conservative tech-loving folks crave. Blending the past with the future, Martian Watches' Passport style features a classic face with Japanese analog quartz movement and an elegant leather band. But it's also a smartwatch with a discreet speaker and microphone that let users do anything their smartphone can do via a voice command. $299; at Martian Watches, martianwatches.com

Portable digital to analog converter

Those who like to listen to music from their computers no longer need to sacrifice sound quality. The portable USB-powered Explorer by Meridian converts files from digital to analog, creating superior sound. Whether it's songs from iTunes, YouTube clips or high-resolution downloaded files, computer audio never sounded better. The size of a USB stick, Explorer replaces a computer's sound card with high-quality audio circuitry. There's also a headphone amplifier with analog volume control. $300; at Innovative Audio, 150 E. 58th St., 212-634-4444iPad commode caddy

Move over the magazine rack and update someone's bathroom to the 21st century. This chromed steel toilet paper holder also features a three-point-secured iPad holder for reading in peace. A flexible gooseneck top allows users to position their screen just right, in either portrait or landscape mode. A sturdy base keeps it in place on the floor. The mount fits the iPad 2 and later versions. $99.95; at Hammacher Schlemmer, 147 E. 57th St., 800-321-1484Sound Pockets phone case

Sound Pockets' colorful Freedom cases offer two gifts in one: a protective covering for phones and iPods, and a place to safely store headphones used with those devices. The hard plastic cover has a back compartment that swings open to store earbuds and keep them untangled. The natural curve of the case allows for a sturdy grip, and a wide camera hole won't cause flash glare. Cases are available for iPhone 5/5s and 4/4s and iPod Touch 5. You can even build your own case by selecting base and lid colors. $34.95; at Sound Pockets, soundpockets.com65-inch full plasma Viera TV

Panasonic's new plasma TV offers a personal touch. Individual users can customize their own home screen with favorite photos or content and face recognition will "greet" them with it upon powering up. They can swap information between the TV and their smartphone. And a built-in camera lets them Skype from their living room. There's also a voice command feature, and a touchpad remote and 3D glasses are included. Deep black levels and well-saturated colors are matched by quality sound provided by ultra-slim side speakers. $3,599; at PC Richard & Sons, 120 E. 14th St., 212-979-2600Nio tracking system

This handy security system for tracking an iPad, iPhone or any personal belonging will offer your loved one peace of mind. It virtually chains a smartphone to a Bluetooth-enabled Nio tag to prevent losing the item. If the item and tag become separated, an alarm from each device alerts the user. The distance allowed between objects is chosen from a range of options by the user. $69.99; at Bluenio, niostore.com808 Canz Bluetooth speakers

These palm-sized wireless Bluetooth speakers by Audiovox pack a punch. Although they only measure about 2 by 3 inches, they offer studio-quality sound with intense bass. They have a 30-foot wireless operating range but can also be used with a line-in connection. A rechargeable battery provides six hours of playtime at normal volume. $39.99; at Office Depot, 1441 Broadway, 212-764-2465Lytro light field camera

Give photography buffs something new to play with. This Lytro camera records an entire light field instead of just a 2D image. This means users can refocus, change perspective and add creative filters to images after they are taken - without the aid of Photoshop. The 8GB of memory stores up to 350 light field pictures on the camera. $399.99; at Best Buy, 1 Union Square South, 212-466-4789The ChargeCard

If your boyfriend didn't call because he said his cell phone went dead, perhaps you should supply him with a ChargeCard by Nomad. He can keep the credit-card-sized charging/sync cable tucked away in his wallet and juice up his smartphone or iPad on the go. With iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 4/4s and micro USB versions, this portable lifesaver will work anywhere there's an available USB, including a computer or TV. $25, free shipping; at Nomad Goods, hellonomad.comBluetooth SleepPhones

Help someone get a good night's sleep with AcousticSheep's wireless headphone headband. These cozy SleepPhones are Bluetooth-enabled, allowing users to relax and fall asleep to music without the danger of wires. All that's needed is a Bluetooth music player within 15 to 30 feet. Built-in volume control and a play/pause feature add convenience. There's even a variety of free downloadable playlists available on the SleepPhones Web site to help kick off the slumber party. $99.95; at SleepPhones, sleepphones.comWhistle activity monitor

It's difficult for pet owners to leave their dogs for the day while they wonder at work what their pup is up to. Now you can clue them in 24/7 with the Whistle activity monitor, which comes with mobile access. This on-collar device measures a dog's daily activities including rest, walks, playtime and other active time. It even lets owners know who's spending time with their dog. Owners can set goals and see when they are achieved, chart long-term health trends and compare their furry friend with other similar dogs. $99.95, extra $20 for engraving; at Whistle Labs, whistle.com