Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, in a television interview Sunday, criticized the “Black Lives Matter” slogan as “inherently racist,” saying a disproportionate amount of attention has been paid to police-involved deaths of African-Americans.

The Republican told CBS’ “Face the Nation” that black-on-black violence is much more predominant.

“Of course, black lives matter, and they matter greatly,” Giuliani said. “But when you focus in on 1 percent of less than 1 percent of the murder that’s going on in America and . . . make it much bigger than the black kid that’s getting killed in Chicago every 14 hours, you create a disproportion.”

The Black Lives Matter movement was founded in the wake of police-involved shootings and other violence that killed black men and women. A spate of shootings last week in Louisiana, Minnesota and Dallas left two black civilians and five police officers dead.

The former mayor, who is listed as a Republican delegate attending next week’s national convention to nominate Donald Trump, said black parents should teach their children to respect police and warn them against bad influences.

“If I were a black father and I was concerned about the safety of my child — really concerned about it and not in a politically activist sense — I would say be very respectful to the police,” Giuliani said. “ . . . ... I’d also say be very careful of those kids in the neighborhood, don’t get involved with them because, son, there’s a 99 percent chance they’re going to kill you, not the police.”