Goat’s body found in Prospect Park

Park workers make a grisly discovery at Prospect Park.

Park workers make a grisly discovery at Prospect Park on Monday: a goat’s head with the number 93 tagged on its ear. “Our staff found the head yesterday and removed it,” said Eric Landau, a spokesman for Prospect Park Alliance. They reported it to NYPD, which did not comment Tuesday.

News blog Gothamist published a photo of the head taken by a passerby, which inspired others to send in their dismembered goat photos, including a decapitated goat body. This is the second time in four years this has happened in Prospect Park, but similar discoveries are surprisingly common in parks nationally. The animals are probably the detritus of Santeria rituals, but nobody really knows for sure.

The Parks Department released a statement saying: “It is illegal to kill or harm animals in parks. If you see this activity in parks, please call 911. To report conditions in parks, including the findings of animal remains, please call 311.”

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