Poll: Hillary Clinton sees dip in favorability among NY voters

Clinton has scored favorably in Siena’s polls since 2005.

For the first time in a decade, the majority of New Yorkers view Hillary Clinton unfavorably according to Siena College Poll released Monday.

About 51% of state voters don’t have a positive attitude for the Democratic presidential candidate and former New York senator. Steven Greenberg, a pollster at Siena College, said her ratings saw a net drop of 21% since July.

“Hillary Clinton is under water with New York voters, facing her worst favorability rating ever in her adopted home state,” he said in statement.

Clinton has scored favorably in Siena’s polls since 2005, so the recent dive will surprise many in the blue state.

The former first lady fared worst among Republican and Independent voters, with 86% of GOP voters viewing her unfavorably and 65% of Independents also falling into the camp.

At least 60% of voters outside of the five borough’s viewed Clinton unfavorably according to the poll. At least 60 % of male and white voters viewed her unfavorably.

Although Vice President Joe Biden hasn’t officially announced his White House run, he appears to have the Empire State’s approval, according to the poll. Biden had a 54% candidate favorability rating in the survey.

Bernie Sanders trailed both Biden and Clinton with a 38% favorability rating.

Donald Trump had the highest unfavorable rating among the presidential candidates with 65%.

The Siena College Poll questioned 817 New York registered voters, including 378 Democrats and 214 Republicans and has an overall margin of error of 4%.