Hillary Clinton vice president picks: Who may be the Democrat’s running mate

Who will be Hillary Clinton’s VP pick?

The presumptive Democratic nominee has not publicly revealed any potential running mates, but there have been many predictions about who she might choose.

Jonathan Nagler, politics professor at NYU, said the strategic choice for Clinton would be to choose a moderate white male in an effort to attract moderate Republicans who won’t vote for the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. Nagler said the voters that Clinton will need to convince are the moderates in swing states.

As for the Democratic voters who support Sen. Bernie Sanders, Nagler said they will come around to Clinton.

“Trump is so thoroughly offensive to young and minority voters,” he said. “Clinton doesn’t have to work hard for them.”

Other predictions, however, have said she may choose someone more progressive than her.

Here’s a list of possible VP picks, as well some less realistic running mates.

Nicole Brown