Is NYC's homeless population ready for its close-up?

The fed up Sergeants Benevolent Association is posting photos of vagrants online in hopes of drawing attention to "quality of life offenses" and helping "create accountability across the board,"  the New York Post reports.

SBA President Ed Mullins sent a letter to members Monday, according to the Post, urging them to take photos of the city's decline.

"As you travel about the city of New York, please utilize your smartphones to photograph the homeless lying in our streets, aggressive panhandlers, people urinating in public or engaging in open-air drug activity..." he said, adding that the group will use the photos to notify public officials and the proper agencies.

"Our friends, family and members of the public are free to take photos as they see fit," Mullins said.

So far, 17 photos have been uploaded to the SBA NYC Flickr account. The Post reports that the SBA is accepting submissions at