Horror on a Brooklyn street as tractor-trailer driver fatally runs over woman

A woman apparently panhandling on Linden Blvd, was struck and killed by a tractor trailer Monday morning. (Photo by Lloyd Mitchell)
A 40-year-old woman was crushed to death Monday morning after being run over by a tractor-trailer driver in Brooklyn, police officials said.
The victim, not immediately identified, was panhandling along Linden Boulevard at Fountain Avenue at 11 a.m. on Aug. 24 when she was crushed under the rear wheels of the tractor trailer, police from the 75th Precinct reported. She was dead immediately, law enforcement sources said.
The driver of the U-Max tractor trailer truck, traveling east on Linden Boulevard at the time of the incident, remained at the scene and was both checked for intoxication and questioned. No charges have been filed at this time. 

“I saw her this morning, she had on a yellow dress.” said Desiree Williams, a local resident who said that she had seen the victim almost every morning.

“She was always over there asking for change,” added Richard McGuire, also a resident of East New York. “She always had dollar bills on her.”

“She always looked clean,” said Terri Sardegna, a resident of East New York. “She’d been out here maybe two or three years.”

“We would tell her all the time, you gotta get out of the street. Someone will run you over,” said Perry Daniels, a local resident.

Police from the Highway Crash Investigation Squad are investigating the horrific incident.

Contributions by Lloyd Mitchell

Police investigate a fatal pedestrian struck at Linden Blvd. and Fountain Avenue in East New York. (Photo by Lloyd Mitchell)
A truck driver is given a breathalyzer test after striking a pedestrian. (Photo by Lloyd Mitchell)


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