How to guarantee peace of mind when installing shades?


BY CAMILLE SPERRAZZA  |  Take a look around your home.

DTV Installations Official Logo_1If the shades are faded or broken, it’s time for a makeover — and DTV Installations is the company that will modernize the house.

Owner John Lysy says selecting and installing the right window shades will add beauty to any room. They also provide protection against the sun’s rays in the summer, and help keep out the cold winter drafts.

Gone are the days when you’d tug on a shade and it would fall off the roll. Likewise, there’s no excuse for shades being uneven. Today’s motorized shades make it easy to keep everything in its proper place.

DTV Installations takes away all the guess work. The professional staff makes purchasing new shades simple and convenient. The company will come to your house with samples of all types of shades — fabric, honeycomb, verticals, horizontals, Roman style, wooden blinds, and more. There is a shade and style to complement every décor, whether the company is installing in a residence or a commercial establishment. The skilled installers will discuss all design and budget options, the cons and pros of each option, take measurements, and provide a free estimate.
“If your order is over $10,000, we install free of charge,” says Lysy.

They’ll talk with you about important factors. For example, selecting a shade with the right UV protection translates to saving as much as 25 to 40 percent on your energy bill, says Lysy. It can also help protect furniture from fading. Or, maybe you have a room in the house that is always cold in the winter. Trapped air is an insulator that conserves heat, and a honeycomb shade might offer an energy-efficient way to solve the situation.


Sometimes we don’t even think about how shades can impact our lifestyles. If you have trouble sleeping at night, evaluate your bedroom. Is there an abundance of light flooding your sleep space? Installing blackout shades may be better than what any doctor might prescribe, as science tells us that melatonin levels drop when it is bright, and increase when it is dark. The proper shade can lead to a solid night’s sleep — not just for one night, but for every night.

Blackout shades also work well in conference rooms at the work place, easing eye strain by allowing employees to better see material that is being presented on screens. Commercial establishments in New York must have an energy efficient program in place, and shade installation is one way to meet state law requirements, says Lysy.

The trusted company is authorized by Lutron, a leading provider of energy-efficient products and motorized shading systems.

DTV is meticulous when it comes to home and office installations. Workers treat your property carefully, and they clean up after themselves.

“We respect your house as if it’s our own,” says Lysy.

Today’s shades can be controlled by remote control, via an app on the phone, or be integrated with a home automation system. DTV Installations can run new wires, hiding them so there’s no unsightly mess hanging around the walls. Or, it can install battery-powered shades, a clean and neat way to avoid any patching or painting whatsoever. You won’t have to worry about replacing the batteries for a long time. They last from three to five years, he says.

As to how loud these motorized shades are, never fear — at 38 decibels, they’re nearly silent.

“[It is] the quietest in the world,” says Lysy. “When raising or lowering blinds, you don’t hear any sound at all.”

Programming can be arranged to open all motorized shades at once, or to open shades individually. And they will all be perfectly level, he says, controlled by the touch of a button. Amazing.
DTV Installations LLC [(888) 428–3330, www.DTV-installations.com ]. Call seven days a week, 8 am–7 pm.

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