Stereogum has collected an album's worth of indie Christmas tunes for your listening pleasure, or whatever. Some of it's interesting, some of it's boring, but it's got a lot of hipster bands — The Parenthetical Girls, Lindstrøm, Banjo or Freakout.

I don't know. The problem with Christmas music is not that it's not indie enough. It's just not that interesting. But if you stray to far away from the mold, it's not recognizable as Christmas music. So really, why bother?

Somehow, Nellie McKay strikes the right balance to produce a decently fun diity with "The Christmas Waltz." The more I hear from her, the more that I really like her. So listen to that one. And actually Banjo or Freakout's "White Christmas" isn't too bad either.

Take it away Bob: