A picture of the so-called "Ebola dog" gives meaning to the phrase "puppy dog eyes," but the dog isn't flashing a look for the reason people think.

That's because the photo of a King Charles spaniel that circulated on social media Wednesday is not the real "Ebola dog."

The New York Post and Daily Mail--along with others--used the photo with stories about Dallas Ebola patient Nina Pham's 1-year-old dog Bentley.

“Bentley, the puppy of an Ebola patient in Dallas, is being closely monitored in quarantine,” the Post tweeted Wednesday afternoon, along with a photo of a spaniel puppy.

More than 300 people shared the tweet within an hour.

"Call CDC, I think my heart's melting," a Twitter user responded.

"He looks so sad," another commented.

But it wasn't long until the Internet pointed out that the puppy was a fake.

"This photo can't be real. Right?" one user asked in response to the Post's tweet.


The dog is not Pham's King Charles spaniel.

The fake Ebola dog appears to be a popular pup on Instagram named Penny.

Instagram user @pennytigerlilly originally posted the photo of the sad dog in the sink on June 20, 2013.

And the photo has been circulating the Internet ever since.

In fact, the image was posted on Reddit last week with the caption "Puppy eyes."

Both the New York Post and Daily Mail removed the photo from their online stories later Wednesday afternoon.

The real Bentley is being monitored at a decommissioned naval air base in Dallas.

And it's safe to assume he isn't as sad as the dog in the photo.

Officials say the dog has been given comfortable bedding, toys and other items to entertain him, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday.

Word to the wise: Don't believe everything you see.