A Brooklyn man was arrested Friday and charged with murder in connection with the deaths of two women he was seen with at separate hotels just before their bodies were discovered, officials said.

Joseph Danclair, 36, of 530 Parkside Ave., Brooklyn, was picked up by police Thursday night at the home of a friend in Manhattan, according to the NYPD.

Police began seeking Danclair earlier this week after he was identified on videos going into the hotel rooms with the women, said chief of detectives Robert Boyce.

In one case the body of a 35-year-old Staten Island woman was discovered July 23 at the Bushwick Hotel in Brooklyn, Boyce said. The second woman's body was found Sept. 8 in the Manhattan Broadway Hotel on West 38th Street in Manhattan.

Neither woman showed signs of sexual abuse, although one of them had bruising on her neck, Boyce said. The deaths are under review by the city medical examiner.

Police said Danclair has over two dozen arrests in his past, mostly for drugs or petty larceny but that there were no charges of violence.