Laniece Moore, Bronx teen, drowns during Tanzania volunteer trip near Mount Kilimanjaro

A Bronx family is mourning after their teen daughter tragically drowned while volunteering in Africa.

The 15-year-old girl, Laniece Moore, was swimming in her hotel pool on Friday while on a mission trip in Tanzania when she died, according to a family representative.

Moore was helping to deliver school supplies and rebuild a primary school and its soccer field in Moshi, which sits right next to Mount Kilimanjaro.

Moore told her mother Felita “Nicole” Moore that she wished other teens from New York could see “how material possessions don’t mean as much as love, friendship and equality,” according to the representative. A classroom in the school has been dedicated in her memory, according to the family representative.

Moore attended Thurgood Marshall Academy in Harlem. Her body was expected to arrive in New York on Thursday.

Moore’s mother, her father Lionel “Mo” Moore and her 8-year-old brother plan to bury her on Saturday, March 5, according to their family representative.