Letters to The Editor, Week of June 20, 2019

Vaccine stunner

To The Editor:

Re “Vaccines double standard” (letter, by Martha Danziger, June 6):

I am stunned that Martha Danzinger justifies not immunizing her child because of a “double standard” — that she should not be required to vaccinate her children because the U.S. admits immigrants who have not received good medical care in their home nations. Surely, there should be one standard for all, and that means healthcare and vaccination for everyone, long-term resident or not.

She believes her child was sickened by vaccination. I understand why a mother would want to blame some previous event for the illness of her child — I do the same myself. But that should not be used to avoid protecting a child.

I have heard some parents say they are willing to risk having a feverish, itchy child home in a darkened room (because measles hurts the eyes) for a week or two. But the Centers for Disease Control reports that, in the first months of 2019, 66 people (mostly children) have been hospitalized with complications from measles, including a newborn (born with measles because his unvaccinated mother had them).

When my 15-year-old daughter’s immune system was down because she had radiation for cancer, a sign on the door to the waiting room was “DO NOT ENTER if you might have been exposed to chicken pox.”  That was before widespread vaccination for chicken pox, a disease that could have killed her. She recovered, thank God, but if she had cancer today I would be terrified of measles, mumps or chicken pox. I would not let her leave the house except for infusion.

I do not believe that Martha, or any parent, would deliberately risk the health of  babies too young to be immunized, or of immune-suppressed adults who could die of a “childhood” disease, or of elders whose immune systems are failing. We all want to live; we need each other to do so.

Dr. Kathleen (Keen) Berger
Berger is a developmental psychologist


At a press conference last year announcing the M.T.A.’s commitment to install elevators at the Sixth Ave. and 14th St. subway station, Milagros Franco, who has been disabled since birth and lives in the E. 20s, said that each new subway elevator is another victory for accessibility. (Photo by Lincoln Anderson)

Elevate the dialogue

To The Editor:

There is a solution to the ongoing lawsuits against the Metropolitan Transportation Authority for the lack of sufficient accessible subway stations for riders with disabilities.

Why not ask any major business, college or hospital that benefits from subway stations adjacent to its facility to sponsor installation of one or more elevators? Let them split the cost 50 percent with the M.T.A./New York City Transit Authority in exchange for naming rights to the elevators.

The M.T.A. may have to make some difficult decisions on what other projects and programs may have to be canceled or reduced in its next 2020-24 five-year capital plan, budgeted at $30 billion or more, to find additional funding for installation of A.D.A.-compliant elevators at more subway stations.

Larry Penner
Penner previously worked 31 years for the Federal Transit Administration Region 2 New York Office


Thanks on Ben’s behalf

To The Editor:

Re “Ben Green, 73, C.B. chair, activist” (obituary, June 13):

From Benjamin Green’s family, we thank many friends who supported Ben through his illness, especially Judith Marsh, Linda Cronin-Gross, John DeHority, Nelly Golden, Julie Judge and his friends at New York Chemists.
Blessings to all.

Alicia Maniatakis


Cousin made proud

To The Editor:

Re “Ben Green, 73, C.B. chair, activist” (obituary, June 13):

I am grateful for this lovely, informative piece here, for Ben who is at peace. I am a cousin made proud!

Lifting prayers for him, and all his loved ones — friends and family. I have finally gotten to know him.

Liz Burton


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