Letters to The Editor, Week of June 6, 2019

Smartest guy in room

To The Editor:

Re “Draft punked: C.B. 2 outraged at Pier 40 legislation” (news article, May 30):

Tobi Bergman, then-C.B. 2 chairperson, at a rally to save the Elizabeth St. Garden. He recently resigned from the board, feeling its position on Pier 40 had been “ignored” by local politicians. Along with development, parks was one of Bergman’s signature issues on Board 2. He was previously the C.B. 2 Parks Committee chairperson. Earlier in his career he ran Central Park’s operations. (File photo by Tequila Minsky)

Tobi Bergman has been a gift to our community. He got so many things done for us and stopped so many things from being done to us. At meetings, he was often the smartest person in the room and always had our best interest in mind. While he may be done tirelessly volunteering for us (I hope not), he will never stop working for our better tomorrow.

Thank you, sir. It’s been an honor.

John Paul DeVerna


Stop the Pr. 40 insanity 

To The Editor:

Re “Public forum on Pier 40 and its future” (news article, May 23):

You don’t have to be a genius to see where this is going. Another Amazon and Hudson Yards fiasco for all of us and a windfall for bankers and developers. The Hudson River Park Friends are dominated by hedge-fund owners, bankers and developers. Duh?

I live in the neighborhood and was at Pier 40 the day before the recent public hearing. There wasn’t a single sign that I could see announcing that this event would actually be occurring the next evening. This must not be done behind closed doors.

Pier 40 is a public space. Public spaces don’t have to be self-supporting. What insanity! The city and state gave away $6 billion for the Hudson Yards monstrosity. They can now fund a replacement for this pier that is designed for the nearby communities and the millions of city residents and visitors who will use it.

Any politician who supports privatizing Pier 40 will need a new job soon. Times are changing.

Bruce G. Trigg


Schooled her on bus

To The Editor:

Re “Rockin’ counterculture bus is a real trip” (arts article, May 30):

Great article. I saw this bus, its jubilant performers, even the parents, a few weeks back just north of Washington Square Park and I was wondering what it was all about. Joyfully, now I know.

Darlene Nation


Vaccines double standard

To The Editor:

Re “Push to end measles religious exemptions” (Health article, May 30):

If, according to our local politicians, otherwise healthy but unvaccinated legal residents of this country pose a deadly threat to fellow citizens, then what about the thousands of unexamined children and adults who are encouraged to ignore our immigration laws and seek sanctuary in big population centers like New York City?

Where is the concern and/or outrage by our local elected officials over the health risks created by this out-of-control situation?

It feels like one big fat double standard. You either support public health and safety or you don’t.

When my son was at the age to get his shots, the doctor tried to save time — I guess — and prescribed five instead of three shots at one appointment. The nurse — on her own — stopped it because she said, “It will make your baby very sick.”

The closest I ever came to losing my son was when he became deathly ill after one round of shots. The “one size fits all” theory never works.

God bless nurses and doctors who can afford to tell the truth.

Martha Danziger


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