I love Alice Smith, and have for a long time. So the news that she is finally coming out with a follow up to her 2006 "For Lovers, Dreamers and Me" is totally tops, and I jumped at the chance to see her perform some new material at Joe's Pub last Friday.

She came on stage to a super appreciative crowd (we've all been waiting a long time for this, it seems), dressed in a slinky black dress and looking about 15 feet tall. With a voice to match. What I really enjoy about her vocals is that she's got this technical proficiency that she just tosses off like it's nothing. She's seductively cool, but still manages to be expressive.

Though the point of the night was to showcase the new stuff, which was intriguing, Smith also threw in a couple of old favorites, including "Woodstock" at the top of her set.

Side bar: I've started taking notes on my phone during concerts, which works for the most part, but occasionally results in gibberish like this: "Cool but expresit. Uncl prowess. Trim jazz." I have no idea what I meant by that.

But more than Smith's voice being amazing and the fact that she looked stunning, she also looked like she was just having a good time. Everyone was loose and having fun, and Smith would banter coyly with her band and with the audience between songs. It was really a phenomenal time. She's doing it all again this Friday, and I highly recommend going to see her. (If you can get your hands on some tickets, that is. The show is sold out.)