I was going to do a whole faux-hipster cooler-than-thou thing with this post, but I couldn't get the voice to work right. And, also, I really enjoyed the show, so why would I want to pretend I didn't. I will point out here, though, that Malone did play us a song that he hadn't even finished the words to, so you really should have been there. Oh, you were busy with your Valentine's Day plans. That's so cute.

But so yes, let's start with it. Glasslands, if you haven't been (this isn't faux-hipster, BTW), is a smallish space on Kent Ave in Williamsburg. The outside is unmarked, and the inside is filled with fun art projects that look like an exceptionally gifted child made them in arts and crafts, which is to say they're playful with high production values.

But I'm getting off track. Rain Machine is the solo project of TV on the Radio's Kyp Malone. Besides Malone's distinctive vocals being common to both bands, one sounds really nothing like the other. RM eases off the electro terror for a more folky, rocky sound. At Glasslands, he was accompanied by two guitarists, a drummer and a cello. It was a nice group, with just enough sound for the small space.

Malone himself was relaxed and friendly. Several times, he gave a shout out to his young daughter who was in attendence, and he encouraged the crowd to say hello to her. But drunks stay away, he joked.

After his set, he mingled with the audience for a bit, and we also spotted his bandmate Tunde Adebimpe. Malone also jumped on stage again to perform with Iran, a band he produces. All I'll say is that they were alright, and they were greatly enhanced by his presence.