Most loud sex complaints in NYC come from Bay Ridge building

311 received 6 complaints about the offending noises coming from 7201 Ridge Blvd.

Hanky-panky is healthy! But New Yorkers live on top of each other (heh heh) and in a city so tightly packed, a little courtesy for neighbors can make all the difference.

Or at least keep them from inundating 311 with complaints about your love-making!

311 received 133 complaints about loud sex from Jan. 1 – Feb. 12 2015, according to a report on The most complaints came from Brooklyn (42) with one address receiving six complaints.

7201 Ridge Blvd. is a six-story apartment building in Bay Ridge, and is located next to an elementary school and a public library, according to DNAinfo.

“Neighbors are having very loud sex with the windows open that can be heard throughout the whole bldg. [sic],” one person said in a 311 complaint submitted at 4:40 a.m. on Nov. 14.

DNA spoke with the offended neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous.

“The woman was moaning and screaming, ‘Oh yeah, oh, do it to me,” said the complainant, who then defended himself.

“I’m not a prude but there are kids in the building, and it was just a ridiculously loud amount of noise being made that the first time another woman yelled out her window, ‘Shut your f–ing windows you whore!’” he added.

New York City, everyone!

Georgia Kral