Man accused of smuggling 18 lbs of cocaine in custard powder bags

The drugs had a street value of $300,000.

A Guyanese man’s packages of powdered custard brought into John F. Kennedy International Airport last month turned out to be powdered cocaine, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Wednesday.

Godfrey Cassius was arrested at JFK April 22 for allegedly trying to smuggle the drugs in eight bags of “Champion” custard powder he told customs officials he was bringing to his aunt, according to the complaint.

The drugs tested positive after a customs official noticed the powder had a strong chemical odor, the complaint said.

Customs said the drugs weighed nearly 18 pounds and had a street value of $300,000.

Cassius, who was arraigned and held on permanent order of detention, allegedly told officials he was paid $5,000 to bring the suitcase into the U.S. and that he was unaware cocaine was stashed inside.