Mayor Bill de Blasio launches transgender rights advertising campaign

Mayor Bill de Blasio is sending a message to New Yorkers reaffirming their rights to use a bathroom consistent with their gender identity.

His office launched an ad campaign Monday that promotes transgender rights and asks people to “look past pink and blue.”

The campaign comes amid national rhetoric over transgender rights in public restrooms and the mayor said calls by other leaders to prohibit trans citizens from using a bathroom of their choice is wrong.

“Every New Yorker has the legal right to use the bathroom consistent with their gender identity, no questions asked — and these powerful ads affirm this right,” he said in a statement.

The ads and videos will run in subways, bus shelters, digital publications and other venues in several languages. They feature messages and testimonials from transgender New Yorkers including Alisha King, a Bronx mother.

“I sincerely hope these ads help people understand that transgender people are people just like you. We just want to use the restroom safely and be treated with respect,” she said in a statement.

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