The mayor sat down with the women of ABC's "The View" Monday to chat about his remaining days in office.

Michael Bloomberg, who will kick off a farewell tour across the five boroughs Tuesday, touched on many of his policies that changed the city's landscape and some of his regrets. The hosts asked why he didn't take the next step politically and run for the White House.

The mayor said his mix of liberal and conservative policies would do him no good nationally.

"My views would not get you a lot of votes," said Bloomberg, who also appeared on NBC's "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" last week.

Whoopi Goldberg, who said she quit smoking during Bloomberg's tenure, said she had changed her mind about his ban on smoking in bars and asked if there will ever be an outright ban to tobacco. Bloomberg predicted that it would be highly unlikely due to federal laws.

He added he regretted that his plan to restrict the sale of large sugary drinks fizzled.

Bloomberg didn't get off the show without a comical send-off. Barbara Walters showed a clip from an earlier episode where she and the mayor had a faux wedding and reminded him of his nuptials.

"It was never consummated. And now maybe you will have the chance." Walters joked.