Melania Trump gave Michelle Obama a Tiffany & Co. box and nobody knows what’s in it

“The White House has been a patron of Tiffany & Co. since the presidency of Abraham Lincoln.”

Following a bitter election cycle, Americans united on Friday in search of an answer to a burning question: What’s in the box?

The mystery captured the hearts and minds of the world (but mostly Twitter) as first lady Melania Trump greeted her predecessor Michelle Obama outside of the White House ahead of Donald Trump’s swearing-in ceremony with a large, blue box from Tiffany & Co., a New York City institution.

Obama seemed flummoxed by the mysterious package, eventually handing it off to former President Barack Obama, who remarked that he’d “take care of the protocol here” before handing it off to someone else.

A Tiffany & Co. spokeman said in a statement that the company could not comment on the purchase but added that “the White House has been a patron of Tiffany & Co. since the presidency of Abraham Lincoln.”

amNewYork staffers speculated it could be a silver picture frame or a shallow dish. Or perhaps it’s a gift card to Trump Tower Grill — known for having “the best taco bowls” — merely packaged in the Tiffany blue box for bold, dramatic effect.

Frankly, we didn’t know much. But here’s what we do know about the connection between the Trumps and Tiffany:

– The Tiffany & Co. flagship is a stone’s throw from Melania’s home at Trump Tower, and the Trumps even own the air rights above the jewelry store.

– The president’s daughter with his second wife Marla Maples is reportedly named after Tiffany & Co.

– Tiffany and Co. referenced Abraham Lincoln in its statement; Trump was sworn in on the same Bible used by Honest Abe at his first inauguration.

Stay with amNewYork as this story develops.

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