Rep. Michael Grimm was a hit among constituents too young to vote at a Sweet 16 party in his Staten Island-Brooklyn district.

Attendees boasted on social media that they got to party alongside Grimm, according to a report in Business Insider, which published their online mash notes. One girl posed with Grimm, calling the congressman her "bae," while another girl vowed to "dance with him all night and make him fall in love with me."

"The Congressman knows the family personally, and was invited by the parents to attend and wish their daughter a happy birthday," Grimm's spokesman said in a statement.

Grimm, a bachelor once ranked by a Capitol Hill publication as one of the most beautiful people in Washington, is facing re-election as he fights charges that he dodged taxes owed on a health-food restaurant and an investigation into his campaign finances.

He has also had to answer for his behavior after threatening a NY1 reporter during an on-camera interview. Grimm, who had apologized, told the reporter "I'll break you in half" and that he would "throw you off this ----ing balcony" for asking about his legal problems.