More snow predicted for city Wednesday

This winter is not over yet!

New Yorkers hoping the winter storms are over will have to wait a little longer as meteorologists say another storm tomorrow night could bring at least six inches of snow.

The National Weather Service predicts snowfall beginning tomorrow night around midnight and continuing through about noon Thursday. The Big Apple could see more of a rain-snow mix than consistent snow, depending on how far from the coast the cold air circulates.

Snow will likely fall until noon on Thursday, when the chance of snow or rain drops to 30 to 40%.

Last month, the city saw six inches of snowfall, four more inches than in January 2013.

The city suspended alternate side parking Tuesday, the second day in a row due to inclement weather, but there are some signs of nicer weather for Valentine’s Day.

By Friday morning, the skies should be mostly cloudy with the possibility of a brief snow flurry, according to the National Weather Service.

LAUREN HOLTER. Special to amNewYork