Facebook yesterday introduced a feature to let your social media legacy live on after you pass away.

Users can now select a "Legacy Contact," which is a family member or friend who would manage their profiles after they die.

"Facebook is a place to share and connect with friends and family," the social media site wrote in its newsroom blog. "When a person passes away, their account can become a memorial of their life, friendships and experiences."

Facebook will still memorialize a user's timeline as it does now, but a person will be able to manage how it's done. For example, a Legacy Contact will be able to write a message at the top of a user's timeline and respond to new family requests. They will be able to update profile and cover photos. Users can also give their Legacy Contacts permission to archive their photos, posts and profile information.

The Legacy Contact however will not be able to check private messages or log directly into the profile.

Users can instead request that their profiles get deleted when they die.

To select a Legacy Contact, click Security in the Settings section.