New online channel celebrating African American comedy to launch July 4

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A new online channel featuring thousands of hours of multi-cultural comedy will launch this July.

The Black Comedy Center (BCC) Television is creating an online channel that will offer 24-hour programming of thousands of hours of expertly produced TV shows and movies and is an unashamed celebration of all things African American, but more than that, a celebration of African American comedy. With the launch of the 24/7 channel, BCC will be able to have the opportunity to share African American stories with millions more.

The channel will officially launch on July 4.

“We are excited to provide a platform for 24/7 Multi-Cultural Comedy, with an emphasis on Black Comedy,” said T.J. Moore, the General Manager. “Viewers will be able to share the excitement and passion of multi-cultural comedy, feel the thrill of having laughs and a fun time with their family, as the comedians become alive in their living rooms,” he added.

BCC stated that this content is not just for a particular group of people, but for all people in general. The BCC is inviting all those looking for provocative, shocking and honest comedians to come on board and enjoy the programs on the channel that will keep the viewers glued to their seats.

Viewers can browse through various sections of the site to include:

  • Multi-Cultural Comedy
  •  Black Comedy
  •  HOBC – Heroes of Black Comedy Wall
  • Active Black Comedy Tours
  • Street Corner Jokes (User Submission)
  •  Urban Animated Series
  • Stand-up Comedy Corner (Featuring New And Up & Coming Comedians)
  • Hip Hop/Comedy Radio
  • Ladies Of Comedy
  • Black Face Gallery
  • Digital Apps
  • News & Politricks
  • Black Comedy Center Tv

To learn more about the network, shop or make a donation, visit www.BlackComedyCenter.com.