New York’s airports (finally) offer unlimited free Wi-Fi

New York’s major airports are finally offering unlimited free Wi-Fi.

After years of groaning from travelers and advocacy groups, the Port Authority has launched free, limitless high-speed Wi-Fi at John F. Kennedy International, Newark Liberty International and LaGuardia airports.

Users will be given access for an unlimited number of four-hour sessions — though they could be subject to a “short ad” before each session begins, according to the Port Authority. Signing in requires a simple two-step process, and the bi-state agency has posted signage around the airports to advertise the service as well as instructions on connecting.

“Fast and free Wi-Fi is a fundamental functionality that has become a bedrock expectation of our customers, and . . . our airports have been slow in responding to meet this customer experience expectation,” said Port Executive Director Rick Cotton. “This week’s announcement symbolizes the agency’s commitment to change to improve greatly the customer experience at our airports and all of our facilities.”

The Wi-Fi offers speeds of at least of 20 megabits per second and up to 50 Mbps. The move comes as the Port Authority undertakes a massive $8 billion overhaul of LaGuardia and begins the process for a $13 billion, mostly privately funded redevelopment of JFK.

JFK, LaGuardia and Newark consistently rank among the worst airports in the country among advocacy and consumer groups, and the lack of free Wi-Fi had been one of many sticking points. The airports previously offered 30 minutes of free W-Fi, then required payment for continued use.

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