New York Artists Circle launches new online exhibition ‘Backordered’

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Photo courtesy of New York Artists Circle

Starting Dec. 14, New York Artists Circle are happy to announce their new online exhibition “Backordered.” This exhibition will be held until Feb. 28, 2022. 

They will present an artistic look at American consumption impacted by the pandemic. Curated by Sarah Nightingale, who is the gallerist and owner of the Sara Nightingale Gallery in Sag Harbor, NY, the show will feature 17 artists from the NY Artists Circle. Lois Bender led the curatorial project.

Featured artists in this project are Cheryl Aden, Marcia Annenberg, Susan Beallor-Snyder, Karin Bruckner, Amy Cheng, Bob Clyatt, Jaynie Crimmins, Lynn Dreese-Breslin, Yvonne Lamar-Rogers, Jenna Lash, Eleni Mylonos, Douglas Newton, Carolyn Oberst, Amy Regalia, Andra Samelson, Maria Spector and Lucy Wilner. 

This exhibition would like to show how the global supply chain’s disruption could be shown as a domino effect through their artists’ eyes. 

You can view the exhibition on their website at nyartistscircle.com

The New York Artists Circle (NYAC) is a group of professional visual artists. They have been working on art projects and exhibitions since 1996. Sara Nightingale Gallery was established in Sag Harbor, NY in 1998.

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