Trio of New Yorkers wins millions in lottery; ‘Destiny is the only word that comes to mind,’ one says

They each scored in different games.

One is a hotel worker who lives in Queens. Another is a chef at a family-run Chinese restaurant from Brooklyn. And a third is a maintenance worker from the Bronx. 

They all have in common the luck of the draw: Each scored millions in the New York Lottery. 

“I didn’t believe what I was seeing. I was in a panic,” Manuel Moreira of Queens, told the New York Lottery in an interview, after he checked the numbers of his Cash4Life game and realized he’d won the top prize of $7 million. “I woke up my wife, and she saw how panicked I was and thought someone had broken into our house.”

He said he planned to spend the money on his family, and to possibly even buy a new home. After a lump-sum payment, he’ll get $4,361,280. 

Rixue Chen of Brooklyn also plans to buy a new home with his top prize of $5,000 a week for life for winning the Lottery’s Set for Life game. “Destiny is the only word that comes to mind,” the chef said. 

Henry Caban of the Bronx said he, too, would use the money to care for his family. He won the top prize of $3 million in the Instant Millionaire scratch-off game.