Noise tops list of complaints to NYC’s 311 last year, report says

In the city that never sleeps, it should be no surprise that noise was the chief complaint among New Yorkers last year.

Whether it was a party that was too loud or a neighbor who wouldn’t turn down the television, noise made up 9.3 percent of all complaints to 311 for the better part of last year, according to a report released Wednesday by real estate listings firm Trulia.

Of the 212,318 noise-related calls made to 311 last year, 139,722 were in regard to loud music or partying, the report said, and 53,266 were about banging or pounding from neighbors. Even loud talking made the list with 15,567 calls, according to the report.

Trulia scoured the city’s 311 logs from Jan. 1, 2016, through Dec. 16, 2016, to create the breakdown on which kinds of complaints were made and where.

Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn and Harlem in Manhattan, for example, had the highest number of 311 complaints about noise.

But the grievances didn’t stop there (as any real New Yorker would know). The city also fielded a high number of complaints about heat or hot water, illegal parking, blocked driveways and street conditions, like potholes, according to the report.

Perhaps New Yorkers could benefit from a city program that doles out free ear plugs.

Here’s a breakdown of the top five complaints made to 311:

– Noise: 212,318

– Heat/hot water: 207,657

– Illegal parking: 117,474

– Blocked driveways: 113,157

– Street conditions: 87,895