Chinatown Fair


February 2011


May 2012

The old Chinatown Fair had been a haven for hardcore gamers. Now open under new management, the arcade is more family friendly, much to the disappointment of its former patrons.

The Knitting


Closed: 2008


September 2009

The TriBeCa venue, closed after two decades, reopened with new management in Williamsburg. The space once housed the Luna Lounge.


Closed: 1970s, 2007

Reopened: 1970s, 2011

The Copacabana has sashayed around Manhattan since opening in 1941. It caved to disco in the '70s, closed for three years, reopened across town in 1992, moved downtown in 2001, and closed again in 2007. The Latin-themed club has been in Times Square since 2011.

Culture Club

Closed: 2007


September 2011

The famous '80s pop music club is now an '80s-themed pop music club on West 39th Street. It also plays '90s and current tunes, but the retro theme is pervasive.

Apollo Theater

Closed: 1933, 1979

Reopened: 1934, 1981

First called Hurtig and Seamon's New Burlesque Theater, that venue closed in 1933, reopening a year later as the Apollo. Besides a few shuttered years around 1980, the theater has been a Harlem staple ever since.

Lenox Lounge


December 2012


Scheduled for 2014

Renovations have reportedly begun to reopen the legendary Lenox Lounge at a new location a few blocks north on Lenox Avenue and West 127th Street. Closed in 2012 due to rent hikes, the owner hopes to reopen the jazz club sometime this year.

Sarge's Deli


November 2012


March 2014

A grease fire in 2012 left this Murray Hill mainstay destroyed. A planned fall 2013 opening was pushed back, but New Yorkers can once again enjoy the old-fashioned Jewish deli 24 hours a day.

The River Cafe


October 2012


February 2014

More than a year after Superstorm Sandy filled it with four feet of water, this floating restaurant on the East River reopened with a new kitchen and new decor.