The city's bicyclists should be free to squeeze into their apartment buildings' elevator with their wheels under a City Council bill introduced Thursday.

A bill from Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, who chairs the transportation committee, wants to keep tenants from having to lug a bike up the stairs or take a freight elevator. Landlords and management companies would be unable to put restrictions in the lease; the law would apply to condos and co-op buildings too.

"We have to create the conditions so that cyclists can be able to take their bike to their apartment," Rodriguez said.

An exception would be made if the city in consultation with the FDNY finds that bikes in an elevator would block people from moving in or out of a building.

There are 58,621 passenger elevators in all building types, including commercial, and 3,333 NYCHA ones in the city, according to the Department of Buildings.

A spokesman for the Real Estate Board of New York did not return a request for comment.

But Rodriguez said those in the real estate industry would benefit, as bikes are as popular as ever in the city.

The city in 2009 enacted a law requiring that commercial buildings allow workers to bring their bikes up to the office through a freight elevator.