Manhattan leads way in new housing

Manhattan led the boroughs in the spate of new housing built over the past four years, with 20,510 residential units built since 2010, according to U.S. Census estimates released today.

Residential units in the borough went up to 867,609 as of July 2014, a 2.4% hike from the 847,090 homes in 2010, according to the Census’ estimates of completed housing construction.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn, the most populous borough at 2.6 million, was hot on Manhattan’s tail with new housing — 2.2% more units built, up to 1,022,498. That’s 22,205 additional living spaces from 2010. Bronx too was getting in on the spike in housing, with 10,253 more units, a 2% growth rate.

New York City also attracted more people than any other city in the country last year. There were 52,700 more New Yorkers in 2014 compared to the prior year, beating out Chicago, which got a nearly 31,000 population boost.

Despite the allure of the bustling city, New York grew at a slower rate — .6% — than cities in the southwest, like San Antonio (1.8%), Phoenix (1.6%) and Dallas (1.6%).