The Panasonic New York City Triathlon will begin its 14th edition on Sunday.

At 5:50 a.m., the first group of athletes kick off their one-mile swim along the Hudson River, before biking 24 miles along the Henry Hudson Parkway and finishing up with a six-mile run through Central Park.

Organizer Victoria Brumfield said the group is expecting 4,000 participants in this year's race.

Although the course is Olympic distance, Brumfield said it is "an achievable distance" for the average person.

"The fastest people will do the race in just under two hours," she explained "but we have a lot of amateurs who are couch-to-triathlon who will do it in 4 hours, so it's a much more achievable distance than a marathon."

Dolly Amigon, 43, of Brooklyn has been training with the Trilatino Triathlon Club for what will be her third triathlon. Amigon said that training has been a "blast."

"We're a group of like-minded, healthy people," she said. "Triathlon nuts, breaking a sweat, living healthily, and challenging and pushing ourselves together."

The hardest part for Amigon is finding the discipline to make it through all three legs of the race, which all come with their own "challenges and difficulties."

"You're forced to look at your weaknesses in the face and overcome them," she said.

Amigon said she draws energy from fellow participants and the crowds that gather to cheer. Spectators are welcome to watch and cheer on participants along any or all legs of the race, and spectator information can be found at

"We love people to come spectate," said Brumfield. "It's an amazing event!"

"Triathlon training can be for everyone," said Amigon. "It forces you to hone in on a skill and teaches you to push yourself and your mind!"