NYC volunteers to know: Men and teen boys giving back to our city

Give thanks for all the guys who give of themselves.

Nationally, 28.8% of women — but only 22.5% of men — volunteer, according to the Corporation for National & Community Service.

Men tend not to have as many social connections as women, and people are most likely to volunteer “because they’re part of a social network and someone asked them to,” observed Robert S. Ogilvie, author of “Voluntarism, Community Life, and the American Ethic.”

But studies show that volunteering — purpose-driven socializing — is associated with a cascade of “positive consequences,” from increased feelings of well-being to an improvement in physical health. Volunteering is “not just a great change of pace,” but a great way to build new relationships and fortify existing ones in deep and meaningful ways, said super volunteer AJ Reisman.

Here are some New York guys lighting candles instead of cursing the darkness.

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