NYC can expect warmer weather this week, according to National Weather Service

After days of sub-zero temperatures, New York City weather should hover close to 50 degrees.

Maybe the groundhog was right.

It’s going to feel like spring this week, as temperatures hover close to 50 degrees for the next few days.

The balmy weather might even make New Yorkers forget the arctic blast that plunged the city into a deep freeze just a few days ago.

“That cold air has retreated back into Canada now,” said David Stark, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. “The warmer air has taken over.”

Central Park hit 50 degrees on Sunday, where the beloved Mandarin duck was spotted swimming happily in the pond, according to several posts on Twitter. Temperatures in the single digits were recorded in Central Park on Thursday morning.

Stark said Monday and Tuesday will be sunny and dry, except for the slight chance of a passing shower Monday night. The mercury will reach the mid to high 50s on Tuesday before dipping to about 30 in the nighttime hours.

Rain is possible on Wednesday and, likely, on Thursday and Friday, but daytime temperatures will stay in the 40s with a return to 50 degrees by Friday.

Stark said normal temperatures for this time of year are 40 degrees during the day and about 27 at night.

Lisa L. Colangelo