Oh, hi there, winter. This weekend's forecast is definitely reminding us that you exist.

Light snow started Thursday morning, with all New York City airports reporting snow by 9 a.m., according to the National Weather Service. No matter how cold it feels, get ready for it to get colder: Temperatures are expected to plummet Thursday and with the wind chill, temperatures will feel like between zero and 5 degrees.

Even though there won't be much snow accumulation (less than an inch is expected), the cold temperatures and the already-existing ice and snow means that Friday's commute will be pretty icy, the National Weather Service said.

If you want to do something fun, though, Friday might be your last chance before hunkering down. Meteorologist Tim Morrin of the National Weather Service said a "relatively long duration of snow" could start as early as Saturday night. If the current forecast holds, the snow is likely to last through Sunday day and night and Monday day and night. Morrin said it's too early to give an any accumulation predictions, but with that duration, there likely could be at least six inches.

At least it's expected to be sunny on Friday. Although don't get too excited: There will be still be wind gusts of up to 15 mph.