NYC weather: More rain ahead after cold, wet March

March was indeed wet and rainy — and it isn’t looking very likely that the first week of April will flip the script.

NYC had 5.25 inches of rain in March, almost a full inch more than the 30-year average of 4.36 inches for the month, noted Faye Barthold, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

While March averaged 39.2 degrees in temperature (below the 42.5-degree average), last month followed a warmer than normal February, Barthold said.

And what of this week?

While temperatures should be close to normal, don’t expect the wet trend to let up much.

Monday should be largely clear, with temps wavering between a high of 59 and a low of 47 degrees with light winds, but clouds will move in after dark, with rains starting at night that should dump about 1.5 inches on the city by Tuesday night, said Barthold.

Tuesday will range between 41 and 58 degrees — and yes, you’ll want your umbrella and galoshes.

Wednesday is expected to range between 43 and 61 degrees with some patches of sun. Enjoy them, because Thursday the chance of rain returns, Barthold said.

While temps should vary between 45 and 55, rain is expected for most of Thursday and may continue through Friday, when temps range between 42 and 56 degrees, and even into Saturday.

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