A gloriously sun-soaked weekend is headed for NYC

Bring on the spring activities!

Don’t let a gray Friday get you down, New Yorkers: we had a pleasant chat with the National Weather Service and found out there’s plenty of sunshine to look forward to this weekend.

A 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms will drop off by 8 p.m. Friday night, gradually clearing and dropping to 58 degrees.

That will make way for a sunny Saturday, with a high of– wait for it– 75 degrees!

It could get a bit windy in the afternoon, with gusts of wind as high as 30 mph. Saturday night will be mostly clear with a low of 47 degrees.

Sunday will be sunny as well, but cooler, with a high of 59 degrees. We shouldn’t see rain again until Monday, the NWS says, so enjoy it while you can.

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