The NYPD said its internal affairs bureau is investigating the arrest of a man in the Bronx after a video apparently recorded the man being punched by an officer.

The video posted on YouTube of a man's traffic arrest in the Bronx appears to show a scuffle in which an NYPD cop allegedly punches the driver after officers yank him from the driver's seat onto the pavement.

The news website DNAinfo says the man was pulled over on Friday for double parking and making an illegal U-turn. The stop soon escalates into a scuffle as cops try to handcuff him.

Court records say the incident happened at 5:51 p.m. July 26.

A police spokesman, Det. Michael DeBonis, said that the man in the video, Timothy Nelson, has been charged with resisting arrest, a traffic violation and marijuana possession. DeBonis said the department's Internal Affairs Bureau is probing the case.

The 5:06-minute video begins with Nelson being pulled from the car by three officers.

"Come on! Y'all doing that for no reason right now," a voice says, as the officers appear to struggle with Nelson in a parking lot.

Nelson apparently shouts that "y'all . . . is punching me all in my face! . . . What did I do?"

Soon, a crowd begins to gather, with several people holding up their phones to record the arrest. An officer appears to knock a phone from one of the onlookers. Nelson is screaming and appears to resist being put into the rear of a police car.

"He was punching me, three times. He punched in my face and my nose," Nelson told the website. "I have a chipped fracture in the right side of my nose."

The moment of the alleged punch is obscured in the video.

Nelson was freed without bail the next day and is due back in court Sept. 10.

The video can be see at (Warning: Contains explicit language.)