A Pennsylvania man was arrested early Wednesday in Lower Manhattan after police found him driving around with guns and ammunition and a note saying he wanted to "die in combat," officials said.

Victor Greer, 46, an unemployed civil engineer, was arrested at 1:15 a.m., an NYPD spokesman said.

Greer was initially stopped after officers noticed him going the wrong way on Seventh Avenue, normally a northbound street, at the intersection with Grove Street, the spokesman said.

When officers approached the rented 2014 Chevrolet Cruze they noticed a box of ammunition and a 25-round clip in the backseat and took Greer into custody.

A .40-caliber handgun, AR-15 assault rifle, .45-caliber rifle and 12-gauge shotgun were in the trunk, police said.

A note found on Greer stated, "I want to die in combat so I can go to Heaven and [be] next to God," according to police.

A woman reached by telephone at Greer's Reading, Pennsylvania, address identified herself as his mother.

She said he had been out of work for about two years and appeared to be suffering from depression. "He sleeps; he stays in his room for days," she said.

While upset over being out of work, Greer, who was not married, was never violent, she said.

Police said Greer initially traveled to New York on June 28, returned to Pennsylvania and then returned to the city early Wednesday.

Charges against Greer were pending. Wednesday night, he was still being questioned at the Sixth Precinct.