NYPD officers rescue Curry the cat in Brooklyn, ready to be adopted

Curry enjoys feather wands or fake mice, as well as finding a warm box or bed.

When Curry was rescued by NYPD officers in Brooklyn he was badly injured, but now this 2-year-old short-haired tabby has healed and is ready to be adopted.

Curry was rescued from the Flatbush-Ditmas Park area on August 24 when someone called 311 to report two abused cats, police said. Both animals were voluntarily surrendered from the home near Foster and Flatbush avenues to officers from the 70th Precinct.

The cats were immediately taken to the Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group to be treated, and Curry spent several months recovering in the ASPCA animal hospital.

“Despite all the physical obstacles he had to overcome, Curry absolutely loves people! He’s a huge lap cat and loves cuddling,” Marny Nofi, the ASPCA’s anti-cruelty group behavior manager and feline expert, said in a statement. “He also enjoys being held while petted — the closer he can get to people, the better. He enjoys treats and toys, but human attention is by far his favorite thing.”

Curry enjoys feather wands or fake mice, as well as finding a warm box or bed to curl up on for a nap. Above all, however, Curry wants to be pet and would employ a personal petter 24 hours a day if he could.

The second cat, Korma, who was rescued with Curry is still recovering from injuries.

Curry is now ready to go to a good home and he, along with all the ASPCA’s kittens and cats, will be available without an adoption fee on Friday, Nov. 27 for the group’s 5th annual Cat Friday event.

Adoption fees will be waived throughout the entire weekend for all cats older than 1-year. Younger kittens will be available for a reduced fee.

Alison Fox