The NYPD has a suspect in custody in connection with the brazen robbery of 93-year-old woman in her wheelchair inside an East Harlem store Wednesday, a police spokesman said.

The suspect has not been charged, the spokesman said Friday morning.

Surveillance cameras inside the Manhattan store show a man, hair pulled into a bun, a shoulder bag over his arm, approach the woman, casually reach into her bra, remove a white envelope, which police said contained cash, from inside her blouse — and then walk out of the store.

The Associated Press, citing other news agencies, said that envelope contained hundreds of dollars the woman had just received after cashing her Social Security check at a nearby bank. The NYPD said the grand larceny occurred inside Regines clothing store on East 116th Street and said the suspect captured on the store surveillance video was last seen fleeing on westbound East 116th.

The larceny occurred at about noon.

The victim was not injured.

The NYPD would not say if the suspect now in custody is the same man seen in the video.

It also was not immediately clear where the suspect was taken into custody — or if police recovered the stolen cash.