Police are expected to release a sketch of a man seen leaving Spring Creek Park in Howard Beach, Queens, around the time jogger Karina Vetrano was killed earlier this month, a high-ranking law enforcement official said. The sketch could be released as early as Thursday.

The man in the sketch is not a suspect in the Aug. 2 homicide and is being sought because he may be able to provide information about what he may have seen in the park around the time police think Vetrano was killed, the official stressed.

Police were able to compile the sketch based on the recollections of a worker at the north end of the park who said he was startled by the appearance of the unknown man as he left the park along a bike and jogging trail near the Belt Parkway, the official said.

“A worker in the area said he spotted a guy,” the official said. The worker was surprised to see the man and for a moment thought he was going to be mugged, the official said.

After a number of attempts at rendering the sketch, police think they now have what was described as a generic portrayal of the person they would like to talk with about what he may have seen.

Meanwhile, a so-called mystery jogger seen recently in Howard Beach was ruled out as a possible subject in the investigation of the killing of Vetrano. NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said the best evidence so far has been DNA taken from Karina Vetrano’s body and cellphone. However, Boyce said the DNA from Karina’s body has not matched any profiles found in state or national databases.