Obama attends ‘The Price’ on Broadway with Malia

Obama and Malia were spotted in the crowd during a performance of “The Price.”

Fresh off a long vacation in the British Virgin Islands, former President Barack Obama visited New York City to do what many tourists do — take in a Broadway show.

The former president and his daughter, Malia, were spotted in the crowd Friday, during an evening performance of “The Price” at  American Airlines Theatre. 

The Roundabout Theatre Company tweeted a photo after the performance.

“We are so honored to have had President @BarackObama in our theater this evening for #ThePriceBway! [📸] : @brugli,” the company tweeted.

The tweet shows a smiling Obama with Malia as well as the stars of the play: Danny DeVito, Mark Ruffalo, Tony Shalhoub and Jessica Hecht.

Save for a few photos of Obama during his vacation, the former president has remained largely unseen since he handed over the presidency to Donald Trump in January.

On Friday, Obama, Malia and former senior adviser Valerie Jarrett waited until the lights had dimmed before taking their seats at the theater, The New York Times reported. While some in the crowd did spot the trio, most of the audience remained unaware they were in attendance. 

Although they pulled a disappearing act before intermission, the Times reported they did stick around to deliver a standing ovation when the play had finished.

Obama, Malia and Jarrett then made a hasty exit through a stage door, according to published reports.


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