Several police officers were injured early yesterday morning when a bicycle was thrown from an apartment window while officers were arresting a man, police said.

The three officers chased a man who they allegedly saw shooting a gun on Albany Avenue and St. Marks Avenue in Crown Heights. They chased him into a building on St. Marks Avenue and arrested him, police said.

They cuffed the man, who was not identified, and brought him outside just after 2 a.m. Then two people allegedly leaned out of a fifth floor window and threw a child's bike down.

The bike stuck all three officers, police said. One officer suffered a cut on his head that required six stables and a stitch, police said. Another officer suffered a concussion and a bruise to his left shoulder and the third sustained a cut to his left forearm.

Charges are pending against the man who allegedly shot his gun as well as two men who allegedly tried to prevent the officers from arresting him. Charges are also pending against the man who allegedly threw the bike and a woman in the same apartment, police said.

All three officers were treated and released from Kings County Hospital.