Open House New York comes to Hudson Sq.

This year’s Open House New York included a new neighborhood for participants to peer into: Hudson Square. Last weekend marked the first time Hudson Square architects participated in the annual event, which takes place in all five boroughs and attracts upwards of 250,000 people. Ten different architecture firms participated.

For the neighborhood of Hudson Square, it’s yet another chance for the general New York public to be introduced to the burgeoning 24/7 community.

“We’re very proud and excited of our architecture and design community here,” said President of the Hudson Square Connection Ellen Baer. “We have so many different creative types and many people know about the media companies, but now we can spotlight our architects as well.”

For Baer, the opportunity allowed New Yorkers to see first hand a “sense of something going on” in the neighborhood and “a chance to find out what it is.” The event was a chance to “capture a real number of those people and have them learn about Hudson Square as a hub of creativity.”

The Hudson Square Connection offered four separate walking tours for the weekend event as well. And all four sold out “really, really fast,” said Baer.

All in all, the weekend was a perfect time for those who might not venture west of SoHo or south of the West Village to see what the new Hudson Square is all about.

— John Bayles