Paul Krugman leaving Princeton for CUNY Graduate Center

Even Nobel Prize-winning economists know that Princeton’s restaurants can’t compare to NYC.

The New York Times’ Paul Krugman announced Friday that he will be leaving Princeton University for CUNY Graduate Center. According to the announcement on his blog (hosted by the Times), he will be a professor in the Ph.D. program in economics as well as a “distinguished scholar” at the Luxembourg Income Study Center.

Krugman praised Princeton, but said he wanted to continue his focus on income inequality, a keystone of the Luxembourg Income Study.

“I couldn’t imagine a better place for me at this point; I also, to be honest, like the idea of being associated with a great public university,” Krugman wrote.

Krugman also joked about the possibility of being closer to Zabar’s, and the other restaurant options in NYC. Nobody can argue with that one.