Police Blotter: Week of Sept. 14, 2017


A thief stole more than $1,500 worth of jeans from a Mercer Street denim store on Sept. 1.

An employee told police that the suspect waltzed into the store between Broome and Spring streets at 3:40 pm, and nabbed seven pairs of pants before fleeing.



A 54-year-old woman was arrested for allegedly nabbing about $1,000 worth of clothes from a Liberty Street lingerie store on Aug. 20.

An employee told police the suspect entered the shop between Liberty Street and Maiden Lane at 5:20 pm, before grabbing a small fortune worth of feminine wear.



Two punks walked off with more than $1,300 worth of laxatives and other drugs from a Broadway pharmacy on Sept. 9.

An employee told police the suspects walked into the store between Murray Street and Park Place at 10:30 am, before stuffing bags with Walg-brand colon cleansers, fiber pills, and some Tums, along with about $500 worth of children’s Flonase.



A thief rode off with a woman’s rental bike she left on Moore Street on Sept. 10.

The victim told police she set the Citi Bike she rented down near West Street at 2:50 pm, before walking into a nearby winery to grab a drink.

She was inside for about five minutes, when she returned to find her Citibank-sponsored rental stolen.

— Colin Mixson